Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crazy hikes and the drops that make it worthwhile

I first saw Little Harbour Falls in a photograph book by Brian Bursey. It took a while, but eventually Steve Arns and I got around to hiking into the falls and checking them out. We didn't chose the best day, -6 and frozen sprayskirts discouraged us from running the drop, but, it always stuck in the back of our minds as being possible.

This week Dave MacDonald and I took the opportunity to show this waterfall to the remnants of the Jackson Kayak Expedition team. Darin McQuoid and Chris Korbulic were able to notch another Newfoundland and Labrador first descent onto their belts, finishing their trip on a high note. The bonus was that Dave and I got tag along on this adventure and run Little Harbour Falls too.

Little Harbour River is really all about the beauty of the gorge through which it flows. It has to be about the beauty, because the hike in is one of the worst on the island and there are only two rapids on the whole river. Some day I'll put a proper trail into the falls, but until then you'll just have to trust me that is worth the blood, sweat, and mud to hike into the falls.

I'll update the trip report for this river soon, but until then here is a couple of pictures so you can see what all this fuss was about:

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