Monday, November 21, 2005

Descent of Long Harbour River and wood on North Arm River

Long Arm River

I'm finally cleaning my desk and making a few minor updates to the website. Gary Davies, Dave MacDonald, Darren McDonald, Geoff Minielly, and Jim Price flew into the Long Harbour River and paddled it to the sea. The Long Harbour River begins at Meta Pond and flows south into Long Harbour, east of Terrenceville on the Burin Penninsula. Everyone tells me the trip was excellent; beautiful scenery, good rapids and continuous gradient. It sounds like another wilderness multi-day trip has been opened up on the island. Apparently a trip report is on its way in the future and I'll add it to the inventory of rivers. Dave kindly included some pictures in his note and I've posted them below.

North Arm River

I was on the North Arm River over the weekend (November 19) and noticed a lot of wood in the river channel, more than normal. It isn't a problem at the moment, but a lot of these trees will move in the next major flow event and may block some of the narrower slots in the rapids. So, just a warning for anyone that might pop out for a quick run when it rains over the next few weeks.

Flying into Meta Pond.

Top Section of "Hole Lot of Trouble"