Saturday, December 01, 2007

Summary of JK River Exploration

I'm sure everyone who reads this site knows that a crew of Jackson Kayak paddlers were poking around on the west coast of the island this fall. The expedition team consisted of Ben Stookesberry, Eric Jackson and his son Dane, Jesse Coombs, Darin McQuoid, Chris Korbulic, Nick Troutman, and Joel Kowalski. These intrepid paddlers made great inroads on a list of rivers that needed to be explored on the island and found a couple of unknown rivers along the way.

I just wanted to put up a list of rivers that these guys explored as part of my efforts to inventory what rivers have been explored in the province and by whom. Darin McQuoid and Eric Jackson both documented information about these rivers on their respective websites and for the time being I will simply link to their information. All of the basic information about these rivers has been added to my database and their locations will be included in an updated Google Earth file when I get around to generating one. Updated PDF files will also be added to the webpages

New rivers the JK team explored in 2007 and links to the beta:

Leg Pond Feeder (V-V+) Darin McQuoid Jackson Kayak (Castors Feeder)
Doctors Brook (IV-V) Darin McQoid Jackson Kayak
Cloud River (IV-V; V+) Darin McQuoid Jackson Kayak
Steady Brook (IV-V) Darin McQuoid Jackson Kayak
Little Harbour River (V) Darin McQuoid Chris Korbulic
Black Brook (IV-V) Darin McQuoid Jackson Kayak
Bluey Brook (V) Darin McQuoid Chris Korbulic

These guys also ran a few other classics on the west coast as well:

Upper Humber River Darin McQuoid Jackson Kayak
Torrent River Darin McQuoid
Jackson Kayak

In addition a couple of the team members have posted reflections about their trip to the island on various Websites:

Ben Stookesberry
Chris Korbulic
Nick Troutman
Dane Jackson