Monday, May 14, 2007

Northwest River is Wood Free

Last Friday a group of four paddlers took on the Northwest River for the first time this spring. We caught the river at 18.8 cms, which is a nice medium - low flow for this run. Apart from some confusion on meeting times, which was my fault, it was an awesome day. Sunshine, sorta warm water, and lots of good lines.

Last fall the rapid known as "Right to Left," in the first canyon, was blocked by a river wide log. I'm pleased to announce that this rapid is once again wood free. As well, there is no wood in "Pinball" around Northwest Falls.

For anyone interested in the nomenclature used for rapids on the Northwest River I would like to add a new name to the list. Below "Fish Hook" there is a small double ledge drop that I have always referred to as the "Double Ledge Drop." Many paddlers are familiar with the sticky hole at the bottom of the second ledge because many of us have been stuck in this hole. Cody Neal is the latest member of the kayaking community to become intimately acquainted its sticky nature. Cody informs me "a swim out of this hole doesn't count because you can put your feet on bottom, walk out of the hole, and into the eddy." I propose that the name of this rapid be formally changed to "Doesn't Count Rapid." If you're aware of any previous names that take precedent here please let me know.

Dave MacDonald will be pleased to hear the Cody doesn't just offer crazy advice, but he actually practises what he preaches. Cody was seen in the eddy dragging both his boat and paddle onto shore. His selfless action of hanging onto his gear made it much easier for Paul Rose, the better paddle in this case, to help Cody rescue himself. In this era of irresponsible, selfish behaviour by drug-enhanced professional athletes Cody's actions are commendable and he makes a fine role model for younger paddlers in the crowd.

I've thrown in a link to a slide show of pictures we took on Friday. I hope you enjoy.

Northwest River Slide Show

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