Friday, January 26, 2007

Google Earth Files

Hi folks,

I have a new toy to pass along to you. I've been playing with Google Earth for a couple of years, but more recently have found it to be quite useful for work type stuff. In the past I've used the software to assess a few rivers in Labrador and refine some of my UTM locations on the island. New software lets me now transfer data between Google Earth and MapInfo, which means I can get locations in my database and view them on Google Earth. A recent thread at Boatwerks has highlighted that this type of information is useful to the paddling community at large. I don't have the skills to go overboard with this idea, but it should help people find our rivers and then reference the descriptions stored on the kayaking beta website.

So, without further ado here is the file. It is a .kml file, simply download and open using Google Earth. The file contains about 55 rivers from my database and I'll gradually start adding more river locations as I find the time.

Goto Google Earth Community Posting

This should waste a few of your hours this week. If you haven't been to Google Earth for a while the amount of new high resolution imagery added since Christmas will be a pleasant surprise; including St. John's. Look for updates on a few west coast rivers and news about the Pipers Hole River Festival soon.

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